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Lamb Shanks, Litsa!


Lamb shanks are delicious ,but this recipe is a showstopper for sure and a conversation piece!

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Life is a Gift,respect it,Litsa!


Life is a gift, and we need to hold it dear and respect it! Therefore! Enjoy every minute of your beautiful life, its a #gift to you! Love the good times and learn from the not so good ones! This is life, and the biggest gift is to learn from your #mistakes because you […]

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Out with the old…Litsa!


Get it out of the way! It is time! The time of the year when we look around the house and put away things that don’t give us pleasure anymore and articles we haven’t used for a good while! Some do it in the spring, others in the Fall, and […]

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Osso Bucco,my lemony recipe!Litsa!


Osso Bucco, my lemony recipe!Lemony Osso Bucco 6 pieces of pork Osso Bucco 2 onions sliced 6 cloves garlic sliced ½ cup olive oil 1 cup white wine 1 lemon the juice and the rind 2 cups broth, beef or chicken Salt, pepper, 1 tsp dry Oregano and ½ tsp […]