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Divine shrimp with Feta!
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Divine shrimp with herbs and Feta-Litsa!

Divine shrimp with herbs and Feta Dill and Feta make this recipe irresistible. Divine shrimp with herbs and Feta! If you haven't started using dill in your cooking, please start, it's so delicious, you will love it for sure! Amazing taste! Shrimp is easy to cook and always appreciated by many! Great [...]
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The right place at the right time . . .

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The perfect time to pick strawberries is right now! Will you take your children to get a taste of those fresh berries and enjoy a few hours of fun with them? We like to take Juliana, and the happiness she enjoys is a precious gift to us. This time, she was [...]
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Lemony chickpeas and orzo

Lemony chickpeas and orzo Ingredients 2 cans chickpeas ( 19 fl oz ) 1 cup Orzo 5 cups chicken stock (hot) 1 onion The juice of a large lemon ¼ cup olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Rinse the chickpeas In a large pan place all your ingredients together [...]
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Humus with roasted red peppers

The perfect snack or dip Ingredients I can Chick Peas (19 oz Or 540 ml) 2 red peppers roasted. Skin and seeds removed 2 heaping tbsp Tahini 4-5 roasted garlic cloves or according to your taste 1 ½ lemon the juice ¼ cup olive oil Salt, pepper and red pepper [...]
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Eggplants with onions and peppers

Eggplants with onions and peppers, if you like eggplants you will love this recipe! Not too many people like eggplant, I, on the other hand, love them and always look for new ways to enjoy them! Eggplants with onions and peppers   Here is a recipe I love, a delicious melange of [...]