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Grilled sweet potatoe salad
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Grilled sweet potato salad! Litsa!

Love this salad,  different and very delicious! Very healthy to say the least! Dynamite in flavor and taste this grilled sweet potato salad is! Please don't forget the cinnamon in the salad dressing.The salad becomes a stellar salad, five-star salad! The health benefits are too numerous to mention, so here are just a [...]
Divine shrimp with Feta!
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Divine shrimp with herbs and Feta-Litsa!

Divine shrimp with herbs and Feta Dill and Feta make this recipe irresistible. Divine shrimp with herbs and Feta! If you haven't started using dill in your cooking, please start, it's so delicious, you will love it for sure! Amazing taste! Shrimp is easy to cook and always appreciated by many! Great [...]
Crazy colorful salad
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Just a crazy colorful salad Litsa!

A Crazy colorful salad so delicious and a pleasure for the eyes as well... You are going to love this salad! A salad is something you play with and the end result is delicious! More salads and vegetables, and less meat, it makes for a more healthy body and mind! [...]
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Aren’t picnics romantic?

I like picnics very much and think they're very romantic, especially if you can enjoy your picnic by the water. They're a wonderful way to spend a beautiful summer’s day with the one you love! With a little preparation ahead of time, you can pull together a nice, romantic picnic [...]
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Corn salad, a salad for all seasons!

Salads, salads and more salads, I can live on salads! And corn salad I adore! It is a grain I like to use very much. This is an amazing salad, and it travels very well, for a picnic, or a BBQ with friends and it never disappoints. It is also practical, [...]