karidopita by Litsa!
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Karidopita by Litsa!

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Karidopita by Litsa! 20 pieces! Karidopita!A traditional Greek dessert.A winter dessert with a nice syrup, Karidopita by Litsa! great with a cup of coffee or tea! I also like it with ice cream! I had a problem with it in the past! I never liked the strong flavor of baking soda used.I [...]
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Clams by Litsa!

Clams and all kinds of seafood, Or according to the French the Fruit of the sea "fruit de Mer"I love!If you have the pleasure of living close to the sea you know what I'm talking about!Fresh seafood with a little Ouzo or a nice glass of white wine and it's perfection!I can enjoy [...]
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Brie by Litsa!

This is an amazing appetizer if you like Brie!I love Brie and when I make it this way it is a hit all the time.Even if you don’t fancy this French cheese, I can assure you, you will love it!First of all, it is a conversation piece, and after the [...]
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Youvetsi with chicken and Orzo-Litsa

Youvetsi    Youvetsi with Chicken and Orzo by Litsa! The Greek love affair with the famous Orzo! We love orzo and we use it in so many recipes, like the famous Youvetsi! A Greek casserole! So very comforting for every Greek person on the planet!  A Sunday meal, usually done with Veal [...]