Miscellaneous Recipes

Cauliflower-potato soup Litsa

A very delicious soup, easy to make, nice and thick and so filling!Cauliflower-potato soup! When cauliflower is available, try to cook with it, because it’s very healthy.So many ways to cook Cauliflower and making a hot Cauliflower and potato soup is the answer for a cold day! Cauliflower potato soup by [...]
Grilled sweet potatoe salad
Recipes Salads

Grilled sweet potato salad! Litsa!

Love this salad,  different and very delicious! Very healthy to say the least! Dynamite in flavor and taste this grilled sweet potato salad is! Please don't forget the cinnamon in the salad dressing.The salad becomes a stellar salad, five-star salad! The health benefits are too numerous to mention, so here are just a [...]
Beef Pot Roast by Litsa!
Main Dishes Recipes

Beef Pot Roast –Litsa!

  I love recipes that I can just put in the oven and forget about them, and when the food is done, I have deliciousness! This Beef pot roast recipe is exactly that! A hearty recipe, that the man love and it is so easy to make them happy with [...]
Tiropita with Feta cheese
Meze Recipes

Tiropita- Litsa!

Street food, snack, meze or something to enjoy at any moment is Tiropita! A very delicious cheese pie, made with Feta cheese and eggs, something between a pie and a Soufflé! Warm or cold, with coffee, tea, beer or wine it is absolutely delicious! Every country has their own street [...]